Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Standing By My Boys

Well, the Rockies lost tonight, 4-2 to the Pirates, after LaTroy Hawkins coughed up the game-tying homer in the eighth and then usual suspect Brian Fuentes blew it in the top of the eleventh. It's become pretty obvious to me that this isn't their year; that they have made improvements in some phases and are standing still (or going backwards) in others. And don't get me wrong, it's not as if I am all right with this. I hate losing and can't stand the pain of watching something that I give so much to give me nothing in return. But as long as our bullpen remains a sieve, Hurdle misuses it, our offense can't collect hits against bad pitchers, and Garrett Atkins can't play defense, we aren't going to make a serious push for the wild card, let alone the division -- it's as simple as that. And as odd as it sounds, I've finally come to terms with that. The Rockies have given me a very, very magical summer in which my passion for baseball has escalated to unhealthy heights (yeah, believe it or not, I wasn't always this much of a fanatic). And for that, I'm grateful.

I can't always support what the organization does. The management on a number of levels drives me insane. I feel absolutely wretched watching the team fail in important situations. So.... why do I stick with them? Because they are my boys forever and that is what being a sports fan is about. I will never abandon them. And for the record, 2008 is shaping up as pretty exciting.

Thanks guys. Now win at least two from the Bucs, just to salvage your dignity.

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