Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Interesting Phenomenon Is Observed

Less than twenty-four hours after the brutal, backbreaking, extra-innings loss to the Phillies that most probably ended the Rockies' fledgling postseason ambitions, here I am, watching the second game of the series, Franklin Morales vs. Adam Eaton. I will probably be even watching tomorrow's game as well, which features the hair-raising fact of Denny Bautista taking the ball to inaugurate a "bullpen" start. Mark Redman, All-Star, will probably be in there as well (it can't be this cold in New York, it's still warm and unpleasantly sticky, so that must have been the freezing breath of foreboding).

I am in a neuropsychology class. You think I could read my brain books and find out what's wrong, right?


Also.... Whatever your opinion of the political skullduggery, partisan mud-throwing, and general incompetence and turmoil that followed the terrible events of that Tuesday six years previously, the fact remains that the events themselves have, indeed, been catastrophic and life-shattering for everyone involved. The war, the grim outlook, the rampant xenophobia, the fact that you can’t board an airplane without five hours of TSA scrutiny and signing, the equally repugnant posturing on both sides, and well.... a lot of things, and a lot of innocence, broke on that day. Please offer your prayers, or whatever your personal spirituality is, to those who lost friends and loved ones in the attacks.

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