Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How I Spend The Time Until Spring

... aka, this is my latest bloggery project. Yes, after spending an entire offseason watching football fanatically, I now feel (naturally) as if I want to start writing about it, and I don't want to mix my audience (haha.... like I have an audience) up too much. The last post dipped only briefly into football waters (and yes, I realize it has been a month since then, but with an extremely slow offseason for the Rockies coupled with my fervent desire to avoid reading about the Mitchell Report, there is little to say about the great old game). So, if you feel the desire to extend my special brand of sports-related insanity to your football passions as well, please check out:

Gang Gridiron

(tanta ta ta tan-ta-tah!)

If you are still out there, bless you. Baseball will start soon, and then I'll be back to work. I think I'm going to start writing "Around the Horn" featurettes such as they do on the main Rockies site, one for each player, but with that particular brand of wit and inaccurate predictions that make me so endearing. Ho ho.

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