Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Cannot Believe The Words Are Coming Outta Me Mouth

... but I'm on the verge of asking for Fuentes back as closer.

Thanks for a crapload of nothing, Manny. And against the Cubs. Fourth night in a row. Someone check the calendar, I think it's June 2007 again. And if we lose tomorrow, we'll go winless on this brief homestand.

Dear God.

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Atkins and Tulo Fan said...

Silverblood, I am a big fan of your blog and a big rockies fan for many years (aka before bandwagon 07) and have also read your posts on purplerow. As awful as another loss was tonite, I couldn't help but think of your disdane and correct instinct for the intentional walk, which Hurdle used again tonite to lose us the game as part as part of HurdleLogic the 08 version. You and I will ride out though, as us diehard Rockies fans do and meanwhile try not to inflict much self harm as we do.