Sunday, August 27, 2006

Indoctrination of an Ingenue

It's definitely interesting. Everyone's still in the upheaval period, still figuring out how to do the rudimentary stuff like feeding and clothing oneself before moving onto the heavier stuff like academics and - gasp - laundry. There have been a shitload of events to date, with seemingly every minute of time ruthlessly monopolized while we, the helpless frosh, are inundated with everything we'll need to know in four years at SLC. It feels like a lot to absorb, but as everyone's adjusting to life on their own, it's getting better.

Personally, I'm looking forward to things settling down into smaller niches. Big group events are all well and good, but they're not why I came to SLC - if I wanted that, plus a raging party scene, I could have gone to hometown CU Boulder for considerably less money. I came to SLC because I wanted the privacy and the personalized educational experience, and although the various parties and seminars are fun (and it's wonderful to finally have a social life!) what I really like right now are the quiet moments when I can just chill out in my dorm and kabitz about the Internet. I still need some time to get acclimated and adjusted, which will come. This is going to be pretty awesome.

Things I Need To Do:

1) Find the damn post office and pick up my printer and books before they get mailed back home again, as the cost of postage to send them back would undoubtedly irritate my parents.

2) Finish reading the course catalog.

3) Stop stressing so much.

I'll just work on it, shall I....

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