Monday, August 28, 2006

Transformation into an Adult (Possibly)

So I actually did find the post office, got everything retrieved, and only had a minor heart attack when my third box wasn't originally in. I probably harassed the post office people too much, but at least I know where it is, and I figured out how to open my mailbox. This is a big achievement. Yeah, yeah, you can stop clapping, thankya, thankya verra much.

I also got my first piece of collegiately themed gear, or two if you count the planner, but I'm sure they won't be the last. A T-shirt and a daybook, the first time in my life that I've kept one, but I'll need it to keep track of reading assignments, papers, conference projects, time priority and on and on.

Today, I met my don (Joan Silber) and the rest of my First-Year Studies class. Looks like fun. It was also really cool - it just felt more like actual college rather than a 400-person frosh party. I even got my first assignment, due next Tuesday, when we have our first actual college class. I'm also going to start signing up for interviews tomorrow. SLC registration is a bit different - you get to interview your professors before you sign up for their courses, asking about expectations, conference work, etc., etc.

So I'm interviewing five professors for two course spots.The two courses I really REALLY want to take:

The Medieval Foundations of English Art & History: An Interdisciplinary Workshop.
- Why? I love England and Scotland, probably because I'm mostly Scots/English (clan MacAllister... yay) and I want to do my junior year in Oxford, so this would be a great prerequisite.

Elections, Campaigns, and Political Parties in the United States: Democracy and Disenchantment
- Why? Because I'm pretty liberal, hold the opinion that Bush stole the 2000 election, and am curious to see why this might be and the rationale behind the giant "screw the government" mentality. Not that I disagree, but it would be a really interesting exploration.

Now, if I could just find those signup sheets...

- I got some great new headphones that have awesome sound.
- I love my bike.
- I am NOT the only baseball freak who brought her mitt and ball to SLC! Kate, who lives down the hall, did the same thing, and we're totally going to play catch.
- I'm going to play for the SLC Gryphons (softball).
- Facebook is totally addicting.
- is really useful for people like me, who have to rely on the NYC train/buses to get to LaGuardia Airport so I can fly home for Christmas.

More later....

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