Saturday, December 09, 2006

Andy Pettitte Appreciation Post

(a.k.a. APAP)

Let's clarify a few things here.

a) I used to love the Yankees, and I really do mean love them.

b) I stopped doing so. I can pinpoint this on two things:

c) the acquisition of Me-Rod

d) the 2004 ALCS collapse

Also, I broke down and sobbed like a frickin' baby when my sister, looking very grim, said, "Hilary." [long pause] "Andy signed with the Astros."

And while I am not a Yankees fan any more - in fact, I believe they personify a lot of baseball's current problems - I have a soft spot for a few of them. Jorge Posada, since I watched him play from dugout seats in the minor leagues, where my love affair with baseball began. Mike Mussina, because, well, he's never been a douche in my estimation. Mo Rivera, because he's Mo, and how can you argue with that?

But I have to give a shout-out to the man who has been my favorite (or close to it) for eleven years. That's right, eleven frickin' years. That's the longest I have ever been in love with a human being, folks, so let's give it up for Andrew Eugene Pettitte.

This is one Yankee that I will never hate.

And yes, those have been saved on my computer since Andy was last a Yankee.

Hey hey, Andy, you're awesome. I won't hear anything else. Cheers, man!

EDIT: Almost forgot what may be the most beautiful picture of a baseball player. Ever. I tried to draw this picture once, and it turned out... all right.


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