Monday, March 19, 2007

I Apologize For My Negligence

I am aware that it's been a bit over a week since I updated this blog, and I've fallen off a bit on continuing the preseason previews. Blame the Rangers, who are apparently not fascinating enough to merit me going onwards. I do still hope to finish them sometime, but it may no longer be "preseason" by the time I do. I'm feeling lazy in general, actually, as it's spring break, I've just finished my first week at home, and I still have another week to go. For the past three days or so, I've told myself that I'm going to start writing a) my literature conference project, b) the outline for my philosophy project, and c) my philosophy essay. I did manage to write the title page for a) today, but otherwise, I've been working heavily on my writing project, which I can do without it feeling like homework. That's almost done, but when I get back to school, I'll only have about six weeks until semester is finished. That means I've run out of time and can no longer procrastinate about conference projects. Hammering out a pair of 30-page research papers isn't exactly fun, but I'm a scholar at heart and I like doing it. The problem is stopping my constant ditzing around on the Internet and actually applying myself.

I've really enjoyed being at home, especially sleeping 10+ hours a night, which doesn't usually happen at school. Also, Colorado has been having some of the most beautiful summer-feeling weather you can imagine, and that's a tremendous relief - I brought my hiking boots and winter jacket home with the expectation of shoveling another five feet of snow. It really feels like spring break and for that I am grateful. But as always, I'll be ready to head back to college and finish out my freshman year. Then I'll be happy to be home for the summer as well. It's almost sickening how well-adjusted a person I am; I'm happy in Bronxville, New York, and I'm happy in Evergreen, Colorado. I'm an unorthodox college student in a number of ways, but what the hell. It costs enough to go to SLC without having to add therapist bills in there, and they're raising tuition again. Eeeeep.

Speaking of money, I'll need a job this summer. If worse comes to absolute worse, I suppose I'll be slaving at Wal-Mart, which I am deeply morally opposed to, but, well, I need money. But what I am REALLLLLLY (xcrossfingersx) hoping is that I will get the job with the Colorado Rockies that I interviewed for on Wednesday. I drove down to Coors Field and got there almost twenty minutes early, filled out paperwork, and said all the right things while my interviewers smiled and nodded a lot. I think that was a good thing, and when we were done, I was taken to show "where I would be working," which I pray to God is a good thing. I want this job almost as badly as I wanted to get into SLC, and I'm just as nervous. It's nothing thrilling - a position in ticketing services, in a cubicle, with a computer and a telephone, selling tickets and answering basic questions. But I want it so much. The pay's decent ($8.50 an hour, going up to $9 after 30 days) and there are some unworldly perks. Number one: free parking at Coors Field, which is nothing to sneeze at even if I'll mainly be taking the bus. (It's an hour commute from my house to the ballpark). Number two: Two. Freakin'. Free Tickets to. Every. Home Game. Oh my God. Aaaaaai.

Clearly, I was made for this job. ;) I'm terrified that for some reason they won't hire me, and I'll be stuck in the drudgery of corporate consumerism, wearing a blue vest and ringing up sales. I mean, I'm working this summer regardless, but I want it to be with the Rox so bad that I can barely breathe.... they said they'd call me early this week after "other interviews..." what if I don't get it? AAAAH! I am freaking out. Wish me luck.

Ahem. Well. Composure restored now. Hopefully I'll get back to the previews soon, and maybe do more than one a day to make up for it. Either that or cheat and back-date them, so I post the previews starting at March 8th as if I wasn't a lazy little you-know-what.

One nervous Nellie signing out.

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