Monday, June 11, 2007

Photo Day!

Yes, I finally got my lazy rear in gear and uploaded the pics from our splendiferous wonderful time at Photo Day. I know the blog hasn't been very fastidiously updated these days, but I still try to get a post at least every other day. This has something to do with starting my new job and the fact that I'm working 36 hours a week (I asked for Wednesdays off/early so we can go to Ladies' Night games at Coors, heh). In the meantime, enjoy. (Some of these pics aren't from Photo Day, so I'll label those. Also, please ignore my hair; it's not usually that frizzy and although I bear a striking resemblance to a psychotic witch, that is not really the case. I blame the hat).

This is Gillian and I at our first game of the year together -- May 16 vs. the Diamondbacks. Seeing as I got home on May 11, you can tell that I could NOT wait to get back to Coors. Also, despite appearing pregnant in this picture for some aggravating reason, I am not. I'm not even fat. Oy, I'm such a pick about how I appear in pictures, so I apologize for the running commentary.

This is Gillian and Chris Iannetta from that same day. Check out those blue eyes; they actually look like they're related.

Me and my new boyf -- I mean, Jason Hirsh, also from the May 16 game. This was right after he flung his arm around my waist, began grinning like a cheese, and temporarily put my brain circuits out of commission. Love the boy.

OKAY! Here's Photo Day.

Here's a shot to show you where we were -- i.e. right on the field. Ignore the fat woman, she's no one I know. If that is you, I apologize.

Me and my boy, Brad! Yay! Again, please ignore how psychotic I look, and trust me, Brad did put his arm around me by choice. He actually didn't run away screaming.

Gillian and Brad. Yet again, they look alike, this time by dint of matching sunglasses.

Gillian, Spilly, Garrett, and Darcy. I accidentally cut Darcy's head a bit out of this picture, but yeah, Spilly decided to mug for the camera right as I took the shot. What a ham.

Gillian can die happy now. This is her and Matt Holliday, and yes, she's deeply in love with him.

I'm not, but I do like him, and I got a picture too.

This is Darcy and Iannetta again. You have no idea how much convincing it took to get her to do a picture alone.

Me and Tulo, the Thrice-Introduced.

Gillian and Tulo.

Gillian and my boyf -- Jason. Check out the shit-eating grins on both of them.

Me, Bucky (Taylor Buchholz) and Gillian. I think this is a cute pic, actually.

Okay, the best for last. I LOVE THIS PICTURE. Me, Darcy, Gillian, and Todd giving us a big ol' bear hug. Warm fuzzy memories forever.

That's it for the photos. I'm going to go write now. I wrote a baseball-themed short story called Elysian Fields for my second-semester writing project, and now I'm redoing it as a novel. I swear, the other day, I realized that I think about baseball pretty much 24/7, and I woke up early and spent a while contemplating the philosophy of the game and why it has so much effect on me. God, do I ever need a real life.


Rox Girl said...


Dear god, I'm probably already too late. Wait, wait, I don't see you poring over the Rockies' draft choices and trying to decide early who you hope they pick in 2008, so maybe there's still some hope. You must resist. Take up crack, that's addictive too, and it will leave you less of a hollow shell than this path your going on. Believe me.


Lauren said...

Hi! Random chick from the internet here, found your post when I was looking for photos of The Boys. Judging by your post, and the comment at the bottom, sounds like you're a gal about as into baseball (especially the Rockies) as I am, which is really good to see. There aren't a lot of us, are there? Keep up the good work!