Friday, October 27, 2006

Game 5 Pregame Good Luck Vibes Post

Okay, so it's approximately three hours before Game 5 starts and I'm as nervous as hell. I know that I promised to watch, and if the boys in red take their tenth World Championship, HELL YES I want to be there to watch it if even only electronically, but my nerves are shot and frazzled. I know that we have a good chance - the Tigers are demoralized and Jim Leyland is inexplicably NOT pitching Kenny!Cheater!Rogers, but rather Justin Verlander, who the Cardinals beat like the proverbial red-headed stepchild in Game 1.

Opposing him is the mercurial Jeff Weaver. Dunno how I feel about this. I'd feel more comfortable with Reyes, but Reyes is also capable of turning in a total turd after he's authored a gem. Weaver didn't do badly in Game 2, but seemed to be living on the edge a bit much. Of course, any pitcher can become someone transcendent with the might of 46,000 screaming red-clad Redbird red-blooded red-hot fans behind him. Busch III is going to be rocking. Dammit. One of those games that it would be absolutely MAGICAL to be at. Why, oh why didn't I go to, say, Washington and Lee?! ;)

I'm re-writing an article for my school newspaper that assumes the Cards win it. I feel sort of weird. They really need to win it, or I'm going to have to annoy my editor and stall for time to see if the Cardinals can pull it off in six. I'd rather not. I want the Cardinals to do this bitch at home. And I also don't want to piss off the Sports Editor, who happens to be my friend and probably would be moderately cool with it, but as I'm still a rookie journalist, best not to irritate authority.

Gah. Although I'm going to go into deep mourning when the season ends, as I hope it does tonight, my nerves just need a break. By December or January, I'll be slobbering and cross-eyed and whimpering and desperate for baseball, but it's a bit of a relief from the grind of caring so much and feeling either so ecstatic or so utterly miserable. Well, baseball is my love and my religion, heh, so that's what it does to me.

Okay, everyone, say it with me....


P.S. Yes, the color change is temporary. It'll go back to normal after you-know-what.

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