Thursday, October 05, 2006

Playoffs, Day 3: "Mrs. Hilary Wainwright" Has A Nice Ring To It

I swear, I'm not even joking. Adam, if you're reading, call me, okay? ;)

The Birdies totally defied all expectations today, starting with Jeff Weaver's good game against a lefty-heavy lineup that most amateur pundits, myself included, were predicting would lay down the ass-whooping stick on him. Weaver didn't allow a run in 5 innings before handing off to Randy Flores, Josh Kinney, Tyler Johnson, and my future husband, none of whom allowed a runner past first base. It was pretty clever of the Cards, to play such putrid baseball, make everyone think that they were going to slide 3 and out, and then pop up and take everyone by surprise. The bullpen has yet to allow a run in this series. The starters have only allowed 1, and that came off Carp.

The Cards now head back to Busch with a 2-0 lead and Jeff Suppan on the mound in an attempt to seal their berth in the NLCS. I guess you can't underestimate the Redbirds, and mighty Prince Albert, when it comes to the postseason. Sir Pujols is now batting .625 in the postseason. Wow.

Scott Rolen, however, who is supposed to be backing him up, is not doing his job. He's batting .143 and went without a hit today. His D is still irreplaceable, but the other Scott (Spiezio) would be contributing more offensively right now. Hell, the bat boy would be contributing more offensively right now.

I don't want to jinx anything, but the AL/NLDS's are going better than I ever dreamed right now. The Tigers beat the Yanks today, 4-3, thanks in large part to A-Rod going 0-4 with three K's, one to leave the bases loaded, one to end the fifth, and one to end the eighth. If you compare him, Mr. "MVP," to Albert, there is absolutely no way he matches up. Not at all. Not a bit. I love it.

Total randomness: Whenever I type in to get to here, I always end up typing How embarrassing.

I got whatever cold/snuffle/cough bug was going around the dorms, so I'm sort of under the weather. Woke up, stumbled out of bed at 10:50 for an 11:15 meeting with my professor (who then didn't show until 11:30) and coughed and sniffled through the entire thing, leading him to kindly suggest that the next time I was sick, I could call and reschedule.

I got my conference project hammered into more or less order, though. "The King's Isle: A Study of the Religious, Cultural, and Royal Aspects of Iona" is what I'll be banging my head on for the next few months in an attempt to corral it into 20 pages or so. As I said, length isn't an issue, but I'm always scared that my profs won't like it.

I went into Bronxville, my adopted hometown, and just chilled for a while. I bought two packs of gum and a new ring/some nail polish - I love rings and nail polish, and I can seriously chew two 15-stick packs of gum in less than a week. I also got a very large Frappuccino and a maple streusel muffin and just sat out in a gloriously beautiful October day and watched the trains in Bronxville station.

I need to workshop two stories and write my philosophy definitions soon, especially since there's a mini party for a hallmate's birthday and I'll be eating pizza and cake. I also need to go to bed at 12:30 or so since I have to be up by 8:45 tomorrow. Get your lazy arse into gear, Hilary...

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