Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Sister is a Celebrity

This year for my dad's birthday, I pulled off a major heist and managed to score him Rockies' Opening Day tickets a week before the game, five rows back in shallow left field. After debating with myself if I should go back to school a week late in order to go, I had to decide that as long as my parents are shelling out so much for my education at a prestigious private college, academia had to take precedence over athletics, as hard as that was. So my sister and dad went instead and had a great time. My sister even got featured in the Denver Post with her sign and a shit-eating grin. Check it out (it's apparently before the sign got autographed by Jason Hirsh and Jamey Carroll). I also heard that it was briefly glimpsed on TV. All this mini-attention will swell my sister's vanity, which, bless her heart, is considerable. (Click on it, it'll get bigger. The, um, picture, that is, not her ego).

More to come tonight, after everyone's actually, you know, played.

EDIT: Squeaky (her Purple Row username) also made it to ESPN under the "Photo of the Day." No shizzle. Check it out.



Athena said...

sweetheart, I just made a lovely sign. they were the ones taking picatures, you know? I like how I'm the only reader and yet you are talking about my intensely large ego. heh. ;)

Fun game. Glad I made the news. Wonder if I was in the ACTUAL!! paper. Just call it payback for the time all of you were in the paper and I was cut from the picture. :P

Hilary said...

Darling, no, you are not the only reader. I've been linked on several blogs by now.

Check it out, you made it to ESPN too. That should be good for your ego as well.


Athena said...

Lovely, dearie. I made a decent sign. :) I can't decide what to do with it now!

Rentboy said...

i have read a bit!

nice sign athena! i once dreamt of being on espn. i had a cannon. i broke gloves!!

and hilary, i see you follow the athletics and rockies.

why is everyone on harden, and my boy danny haren is under the radar? i wish we had danny still instead of mulder. you see him as a number 1 or 2 guy or is he doing alright over there?

and the rockies..were you a fan of them while larry walker was there and if so, do you think he is a hall of famer? i see the coors field argument thrown out there but if stuff that happens in that field dont count, why do they play there?

that expos team with walker and pedro martinez and numerous other studs would have won it all if not for the strike. and larry walker played his whole career on a reconstructed knee.

maybe it is just because i was born in quebec and he my people, and he is the best canadian player ever, he should be in the hall..