Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tonight's The Night The World Begins Again

OPENING NIGHT. Oh, how beautiful those two words are after a long offseason in which there were either a) no games, or b) games that didn't count with the regulars subbed out by the sixth inning for a bunch of no-name scrubs. Spring Training was a vital link that helped me get through the dimness of winter, but after needing time off to recover from the burden of caring so much, every night, my heart is ready to go, ready to soar and fall and go wherever the Cardinals, Athletics, and Rockies do. The Cardinals are kicking off the festivities tonight with an NLCS rematch against the Mets, Chris Carpenter vs. Tom Glavine (and for the record, I guessed every Opening Day starter correctly with the exception of Derek Lowe starting for the Dodgers instead of my pick Jason Schmidt, and Jose Contreras starting for the White Sox instead of either Mark Buehrle or Jon Garland). Also, Kenny Rogers got injured and messed up my pick for the Tigers -- it's Jeremy Bonderman instead. Also, I suppose that I didn't guess Carl Pavano for the Yanks -- who would have? -- so that bumps me down one. Still, 26 out of 30 -- nice job, Hilary.

I'll be liveblogging the game tonight, even though I am deprived of a TV and must rely on fancy-schmancy newfangled Gameday 2007 instead. As the fans celebrate that tenth world championship one more time at Busch before they begin the title defense, here are your starting lineups:


Jose Reyes, SS
Paul Lo Duca, C
Carlos Beltran, CF
Carlos Delgado, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Moises Alou, LF
Shawn Green, RF
Jose Valentin, 2B
Tom Glavine, P


David Eckstein, SS
Preston Wilson, RF
Albert Pujols, 1B
Scott Rolen, 3B
Yadier Molina, C
Jim Edmonds, CF
So Taguchi, LF
Adam Kennedy, 2B
Chris Carpenter, P

I must admit I'm a bit surprised to see Yadi so high in the lineup, but apparently he hits better with runners on and he needs to do SOMETHING to improve on his .216 mark last year. It's good to see that Jimmy Ballgame is back and ready to go, as there were rampant rumors that he wouldn't be recovered from offseason toe and shoulder surgery in time to make the inaugural game. Dismayed to see Preston Wilson and So Taguchi in there, as both had horrible springs but benefit from La Russa's irrational fascination for them. I'd like to see Chris Duncan in there instead, bad defense and all, as he has power, something which P-Dub and S-Tag don't. Kennedy and Eckstein used to play on the Angels together, so they're a seasoned double-play tandem that should take care of things up the middle. Hopefully, Scotty Rolen is back in fine fettle and ready to rake, and as long as the Cards have the best hitter in the universe, Albert Pujols, sitting in there, they should be all right. 2005 NL Cy Young winner (and 2006 Cy runner-up) Chris Carpenter makes the start.

First pitch scheduled for 8:05 ET, although it may be delayed with ceremony. It warms my heart and gives me chills to think of the riotous welcome the red-clad faithful are going to give their (and my) Redbirds. They're welcoming a world champion back to the house for the first time since Opening Day 1983, and you can bet that place will be rocking tonight.

15 minutes until the world begins again.


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