Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rest In Peace

Oh my God... it never gets any easier, or less shocking. And it's even worse than Cory Lidle because it's a guy on one of my teams, one of my boys, a guy that I've rooted on and cheered and hoped for. And now he's dead. Josh Hancock was killed at 12:35 AM CT when his 2007 Ford Explorer slammed into a tow truck in the fast lane, in the St. Louis area. No alcohol containers were found in the vehicle and he appeared to have been driving at or slightly above the speed limit, so all I can say is it that it is a horrible, terrible, tragic freak accident bringing back memories of Darryl Kile. Eerily, Hancock was late coming to a game only three days ago, and the Cardinals, who are on eggshells when anyone is late to a game due to the Kile tragedy, were calling him until they found out where he was -- and now he's dead. Just scary. The Cardinals will wear his #32 to honor him for the remainder of the season.

Kile also died before a Cubs/Cardinals game, and his loss was deeply felt. The Cardinals have lost a young man, a pitcher, a friend, and a human being, and no matter how much this happens (and pray God this will be the last time in a very long while) it always feels like a kick in the gut.

Darryl and Josh can play catch tonight.

Both were, and will be, deeply missed.

If you pray, or even if you don't, send a thought to the Hancock and Cardinal families.

Completely devastating.

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Daniel S. said...

It's saddening, especially having to go through something like this again. I got Hancock's autograph this week last year.