Friday, April 06, 2007

Piazza Delivery Man

Mike Piazza, the A's most recent rent-a-player/offense-injecting scheme, finally came to life last night, notching a double, a single, and most importantly, a two-out solo jack in the top of the ninth off monstrously irritating considerably talented Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez to break a 3-3 tie and secure a win for the A's. To further juicify the picture, Jason Kendall, he of the noodle arm only surpassed by Piazza himself, ended the game by nailing a thieving Erick Aybar with a perfect throw at second. The A's drew their record even at 2-2 and continue to battle the O.C. Bitches tonight, with Joe Kennedy (gulp) trying to prove that he's able to start at a major-league level. The answer, if you watched him with the D-Rays and Rockies, is a resounding no. But at the moment, the A's really have their hands tied, as their starting rotation is stretched as thin as chewing gum anyway. Esteban Loaiza went on the DL with yet another early-season shoulder issue, but deactivating him is FAR preferable to running him out there and making him pitch anyway, as management tried to do last year with gory results.

Both the Cards and the Rockies had an off-day, where they traveled to Houston and San Diego, respectively. The Cards' game is over, and they won (hallelujah) thanks in large part to a certain dashing Mr. Wainwright. Sparks of Dementia will track him down and get the inside scoop, so you know what that means. ;) In addition to contributing the Cardinals' first stellar start of the season (7 innings, 5 hits, 1 run, 3 BB, 4 K, and notching his first win as a starter) Adam continued to prove that his success with the bat is no fluke. He ripped a two-run double in the exhibition Civil Rights Game before the start of the season, and helped himself out again tonight with an RBI double to start the scoring, the Cards' first run since Scott Rolen's homer in Game 2 against the Mets, and subsequently scoring on a Chris Duncan jack. Honestly, when he's pitching, the number-nine hole for the Cards has legitimate kick, and I love it. :)

At the moment, Joe Kennedy is slowly beginning the process of implosion, as it's already 2-0 Angels with men on second and third and only one out. Seeing as he's 0-8 with a 6.31 ERA against the O.C. Bitches anyway, throwing him anyway seems to fit neatly under the definition of insanity - doing the same thing and expecting different results. But as mentioned, the A's are shockingly short on options. Brad Halsey is just as bad, Shane Komine and Jason Windsor are in Triple-A Sacramento and haven't proved that they're ready to compete on a Major League level, and the A's only viable other choice is lefty long man Lenny DiNardo, who would need to be stretched out and is unlikely to be at this point. I developed a confoundedly deep affection for Lenny despite the fact that he used to be a Red Sock, and I'm happy that he made the team.

One more thing - the humorous TV spots for both the A's and the San Diego Padres are on the air now. I love these things -- the Mariners started them and they've been a huge hit for a number of teams since. I highly recommend that if you find yourself with a spare moment, you go to their official sites, click "Multimedia" (or "Fan Forum") and indulge yourself in some comic genius. The M's older ads are particularly hysterical.

More later once I find Adam and get the goods for you. ;)

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