Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lightning, Please Strike Me

I cannot do this anymore.

Tigers sweep the Cardinals. 6-3 is your final.

A's miss the sweep of the Giants as Matt Morris throws a complete game, permitting only one run. That tally ends up as 4-1.

And then the Rockies. 4-3 Royals almost all game, but going to the bottom of the ninth, they tie it on a single from Matt Holliday. Goes to extras. Brian Fuentes gives up the go-ahead triple. Rockies tie it yet again on a single from Holliday. Next inning, Ramon Ramirez decides to end the game and gives up five. Royals win 10-5 in one of the most sheerly maddening rollercoasters of the season. The Rockies fail to score the winning run with two on and no out, as Garrett Atkins K's (following a K earlier with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth) and Brad Hawpe grounds into a double play. The bullpen was completely burned. Absolutely nobody could get the winning hit to save their lives.

I'm seriously thinking I should get a new hobby.

Current music: "Given Up," Linkin Park.

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