Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lightning Strikes

I do not believe it. Less than five hours after my grumpy post about Hurdle's refusal to think that cutting Mabry/Finley would help, I got the news that the Rockies DFAd Mabry and recalled Ryan Spilborghs from AAA. I was so excited that I actually screamed and went running around the house. Then to add to the miraculous happenstances, Chris Iannetta got a rare start. I am astounded. Two moves by Rockies brass that I agree with.... in one day. The next step is to cut Steve Finley and promote Sean Barker, and when Rodrigo Lopez gets back, relieve Tom Martin of his richly undeserved roster spot. Then we may make some headway. Or not. But I can still dream.

Also, the start of my babysitting job got pushed back to 7, so if I wanted to, I could watch the first hour of the game. Or not. Maybe I really do need a break. But I... but I... why are the Rockies so much like a drug and why do I keep coming back to them? Isn't this called masochism or something?

Maybe they lace Rockies gear/tickets with crack. It would explain a lot.

Go Rockies! [checks self into rehab]

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