Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photographic Evidence

... of my trips to Shea/Yankee Stadiums. Seeing as the pics at Coors were just taken last night, they're obviously not developed yet, but in the meantime, enjoy my selection of snapshots from my first games of the year. My, um, scholarly commentary will follow each picture. And for the record, I think I look heinous in my picture with Cook and I'm really not that ugly, heh. Oh, wounded vanity. If you click on the pictures, they'll get larger. Also, this is extremely aggravating to compose since Blogger randomly decided not to allow me to cut and paste pictures, so you'd better appreciate the effort I make on your behalf. [sniff, sniff, snob, snob]

Shea Stadium on a lovely April evening. This was right after I got done having my religious experience and fumbled my camera out of my bag.

One of David Wright's many female fans, somewhere in the middle of Mets' batting practice. My friend Mary, it must be noted, is among them, and was wearing her "Mrs. Wright" T-shirt.
Jason Hirsh in the dugout. :) As mentioned, I'm a little bit in love with him after last night.
Jeff Francis being interrogated by a few MLB reporters. He's surprisingly large for a kid who looks like he's about 17.
COOKIE (:D) signing my hat.
Me and Cookie. (:D) For the record, I didn't realize my arm was around him until I saw the pic, and yes, I think I look terrible in this picture. Cook was a total sweetheart, though, so I'll tell him that if I ever see him again.
Me and Garrett. (:D :D) This is a moderately better pic. I was probably fluttering just a bit. It was fun. So I'm a bit sweet on him. Shaddup.

Shea by day. The guys were actually a lot bigger than it looks from here; the seats were pretty good considering they cost five bucks.
Shea by night.

This concludes the Shea portion of the photos... Yankee Stadium next.
This is the kick-ass strip of sports bars, memorabilia shops, and whatnot that parallel Yankee Stadium (the gray thing on the right). I wish I'd gotten more shots, since it's a great atmosphere.
Looking down into Monument Park. We didn't actually go in, but it's cool nonetheless.
The famous white facade and scoreboard. As you can tell, the weather was just pristine.

Right field corner in Yankee Stadium during batting practice. A little piece of baseball heaven.
Speaking of heaven. Can't you just hear that angelic chorus?
Our seats. We moved out from behind the flagpole.
Yankee Stadium scoreboard announcing C.J. Wilson pitching. (My favorite Ranger. Read his blog, I mean it).

Sadly, this isn't my picture. It's actually from C.J.'s blog, and features him sporting his new mohawk hairdo. Fierce.

That's all for the pictures. There will be more from Coors at some point in the season, especially if my sister and I go to Photo Day, June 2 vs. the Reds. She may keel over if she got one with Holliday, but I know, I know, I shouldn't be pointing too many fingers.

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