Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let The Salivation Begin

So the Colorado Rockies, apparently heeding to my very whim, have decided to put out a preliminary PDF of ther 2007 home schedule. I, being the maniac that I am, scanned it eagerly, to plan what games I'm going to go to next summer once I get home from college.

I came up with a list including the 4-game St. Louis series at the end of May (oh thank you, Scheduling Gods, for putting it there and not sooner, as my last day of class is May 11 and I'll fly home later that day). I have to wear my new Adam Wainwright T-shirt somewhere, right? And where better to do so than to a season-inauguring set between the Rockies and Redbirds?

(Disclaimer: Although I love the Rockies, who won me over this season, I adore the Cards, and I can't possibly root against them. All other games you may see me at, however, I'll be rooting for the Rox).

If I can make it to one of the Yankees games, I will (read: Wednesday night, as on Wednesdays, Coors Field gives away a voucher for a free ticket to every female through the gates) solely for the purpose of booing A-Rod. But those would be a madhouse and I'd probably be lucky to get tickets even if I booked them now. And I'd go and root like hell for the Rockies, because despite my four-year transplantation to New York, I still don't like their baseball teams any better.

After that, I'd like to catch the Reds, the Astros, and any others that I can manage, winding down to August 8, 7:05 PM against the Brewers. Why the Brewers, you ask? Well, because my sister and I went on August 2 of last year, Rockies vs. Brewers, for the last game of the season (well, our season, since both of us had commitments afterwards). It was one of the best nights of my life and just the thought of doing it over again in '07 gives me the shivers.

What I really need: a Rockies hat.

Speaking of Colorado, I miss it. A bit more than I expected, actually. I'm not that homesick, and I love my school, my classes, my profs, and basically everything else, but it rains too damn much in New York. I miss Colorado blue sky, mountains, and crisp days and nights (the humidity here is quite something new). I also miss the Rockies. My summer spent in their company was one for the truly awesome annals. Even though they're out of the race and spent most of the past two weeks shitting the bed, I am desperately eager to get back into their company starting May 28, 1:05 PM against the Cardinals.

On another baseball-related note, ESPN Page 2's "Hometown Bums" feature, mimicking MLB's "Hometown Heroes," is just about the funniest thing I have read in my life.

The Hometown Bums. "How come Jose Mesa is listed for only three teams?"

BWAHAHAHAA. As a Rockies fan, however, that stings a little too close to home. God, if I could count the years off my life that I've wasted watching that man quote unquote pitch... I also think it is vastly amusing that Dan O'Dowd is listed as a Rockies nominee. Seeing as he, along with Republicans, is also a running punchline in my house, it's got to be him. He was the, cough cough, "genius" behind the assorted fiascos that have characterized the Colorado franchise since they hired him.

The Hometown Bums ballot. I love it that A-Rod is present under both Rangers and Yankees. To be fair, he was less of a bum in Texas than he was in New York. Either way you slice it, can't stand the guy.

From an A's fan perspective, got to be Jeremy Giambi. "SLIDE, JEREMY, SLIDE!" Ahh... if you don't know what that means, you have not suffered enough to be an A's fan. I doth decree that you shall be exiled into the deserts of Red Sox/Yanks fandom for forty years.

From a Cards fan perspective: Mark Mulder. I loved the guy to death when he was with Oakland, and was heartbroken when he was traded. However, he has done some major pooch-screwing in St. Louie, isn't getting any better, is hurt and doesn't appear to know why, and generally appeared to fall off the face of the earth once Billy Beane gave him the boot. Besides, Danny Haren is one of my favorites now, and Kiko Calero is a member of the unstoppable bullpen troika (the other two being Justin Duchscherer and Huston Street). This trade was a major winner for the A's.

I've done my homework for the evening, so I'm generally wasting time on the Internet. Maybe I'll go see if someone emailed me. I don't think that my family emails me enough. They apparently disagree.

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circus girl said...

Honey. Summer is a long time away. Deal with now first.

Also. Stop buying stuff. ;) Or, at least, if you buy stuff, get me something. You do not need to get yourself tons of Adam memorabilia, okay? I know you love him. :]

Anyway, yay for updates! I was about to start bugging you.