Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Note on My Baseblogging

I have never laid claim to being the most objective of sports bloggers. While Sparks of Dementia will delve into any and all topics that I might find interesting at any particular moment, one of the recurring themes, as you may already have noticed, will be my obsession with baseball. Therefore, let me take this moment to post a small disclaimer in relation to my sports coverage, which admittedly will be somewhat patchwork and deeply biased in pro green-and-gold and red-and-white directions. (Translation: Oakland A's and St. Louis Cardinals, both of whom I care about far more than is healthy for anyone's mental health).

Baseblogging Notes on Sparks of Dementia:

1) I know every stat. Sometimes, however, I prefer not to cite them, or I post out of emotion or outrage at somebody's current piss-poor performance and/or possible screwing the pooch of said team's playoff chances. As noted in my header, I make no guarantees of rationality (see: "I Hate Joe Kennedy.") This is my blog, after all, and I want to feel free to vent and blow off steam instead of having to put together an objective, analytical argument. Check out my sidebar - any of the SportsBlogs cited (AN, VEB, PR) will fill that role for you. There will be plenty of analysis, believe me, but as a side note. This blog is about my reactions as a fan, not my machinations as a sabermetric nerd. (And yes, I do know what VORP, OPS, and all other "nerdy" stats are. I even know how to calculate most of them).

2) I will also make no secret of my blatant favoritism - I'm a sports fan writing from a sports fan's perspective, not a journalistic standpoint, and if I call a Red Sox pitcher (say, Curt Schilling) an asshat, you can rest assured that at least you will never see me writing for a major newspaper and getting away with that. By the way, Curt Schilling is, in fact, an asshat. See my groups listing on Facebook.

3) If you come on here after a big A's/Cards win, you may expect to find me gloating freely. If a loss, expect to find me in a corner sobbing. Seeing as I am a devout agnostic, this is the closest thing that I get to a religion, and believe me, this is serious stuff.

4) If you don't know who Adam Wainwright is, you'd better brush up. I love him. Love him.

5) Let's establish this from the get-go so there is no confusion later.

People I Dislike (And Will Insult Freely)
The New York Yankees, esp. Alex Rodriguez
The Boston Red Sox, esp. Curt Schilling
The Los Angeles Angels of Orange County California USA, esp. everyone
The Texas Rangers, esp. George W. Bush

List subject to revision. If you have a problem with any of it, skip it.

That's about all I can think of right now. If warranted, further Notes on Baseblogging will appear later.

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